Monday, February 24, 2014

The Liberal Illusion of Equality and Tolerance.

We see liberals and homosexuals all the time, especially on TV pushing for equal rights and tolerance of homosexuals and the homosexual lifestyle, but yet all I see are contradictions of these beliefs of equality and tolerance. I tell you what liberals and homosexuals... I challenge you to refute this set of statements and answer a few questions for me... I really feel that these groups really don't want equal treatment, they want SPECIAL treatment.

1) If you truly believed in equality, you would believe in a balance of freedom. There is a two way street to equality. You have every right to your lifestyle, but you cannot force others to endorse it.

2) Lets put it another way: You cannot physically marry poles to poles, and holes to holes (HT to Alfonzo Rachel). I'll stand up for your God given rights, but I won't stand for you legislating your desires into laws for us to follow over God's (That means passing same sex marriage laws), whilst accusing us of trying to establish a theocracy. Or forcing people to serve you against their religiously held beliefs.

3) Moreover, you liberals in particular express support for homosexuals, but your select use of homoerotic profanity suggests you have a similar disdain for homosexuality to that of Republicans. If Democrats like you thought homosexuality was so awesome, they nor you would see "teabagging" as a demeaning reference to insult somebody with. If you don't know what teabagging is, you need to look it up in the urban dictionary.

4) You homosexuals demand the right to be treated equally... at the forced expense of someone else. That's not what the Constitution says. You can't have your rights while infringing on someone else's rights. By no means are we Right Wing Christians depriving you of your right to life.

5) The Christian does not deprive you of liberty either. "Well, what about the gay's liberty to be married?" you ask. Nice try, but, you cannot have your liberty at the expense of the Church's or a Christian's liberty.

6) Are conservatives so evil for advocating traditional marriage and a Church's right to free exercise? Is that why you call us "far right wing extremists" or like pejorative terms?

7) Why do you both (liberals and homosexuals) praise someone who is tolerant of homosexuality, but admonish those who don't support it? Didn't you guys get through saying you were all for tolerance and equal acceptance of personally held beliefs? Sounds pretty unequal to tell the truth.  Once again, my feeling is that these groups really don't want equal treatment, they want SPECIAL treatment.

8) Jesus himself spoke against homosexuality, (Corinthians 6:9) specifically saying that they would not inherit the Kingdom of God for partaking in such an act. Yet you stand there and tell me that he is this all accepting hippie type. Should he have been such, there would have been no reason for him to come down to Earth to die for the salvation of mankind. He wouldn't have performed his miracles, or healed the sick or afflicted.

9) Why during the debacle with Chic-fil-A in 2012 did you feel the need to stage kiss ins in front of people eating their lunch, during a lunch rush? To me, this is you imposing your lifestyle on unsuspecting strangers at a restaurant.

10) Do you really care about the homosexual cause, liberals? Or are you more concerned with using them at your convenience so as to be seen as more down to Earth or accepting?

11) Why do you homosexuals insist on your love life being none of other peoples business? Or the Government's? When you fight to legalize gay marriage, you are by default making it other people's business, and thus the Governments. When you get your marriage license, who issues it to you? The government.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Democrats are continuing to give Obama a Free pass..

Yes, while In my opinion I think Ted Nugent is a fool, who gets too much press, but why would anyone think that HE represents the republican party? Or in any way is a “Hero of the Party”?  In my circle of friends, I have yet to meet anyone that thinks he is!
But while the left is SO dammed focused on the remark make by Ted Nugent, who is nothing more than  a rock guitarist, and not by any means a spokesman for the republicans,  and on this trivial “Black History Month”, they somehow FAIL to focus on the failures of Obama, starting with  Obamacare, and the many others like, Jobs, and all the recent SCANDAL’S! .
Of course, lets not focus on the failure of a president, but on a traffic jam on a New Jersey bridge.  We should remove the obstacle to the success of this great nation of ours, not simply hope for it to sit there and rot away, along with more of our rights and freedoms with it.
The progressives seems to be ignorant of the fact that Obama's legacy is crumbling right before your very eyes and they’re too blind to see it.
Lets not focus on the fact that  Obamacare will double my monthly premium!
Lets not focus on how did Obama's Illegal Aunt seemed to leapfrog over the other 30,000 LEGITIMATE Boston resident’s who applied for Public Housing?
Or the FACT that Michelle Obama had to appear on a Late night Talk show and disrupt traffic for hours when folks were trying to get home and then has the GAUL, the STUPIDITY to call folks under 26 years old “KNUCKLEHEADS”!   Is she for real?   Maybe thats the people she knows!  Most people that I know who are 26 years old are already married and holding some damn good jobs and are making a damn good salary!  I wonder if she thinks  of Sasha and Malia that way?  Someone should tell the “Moocher” that drawing Red Lines have consequences!  That may very well turn out to be a remark of a “KNUCKLEHEAD”
Could it be that she is referring to the millions of young people who are suddenly realizing that Obamacare does not offer them the affordable health care. they were counting one, and now realize that it’s a lie, and they aren’t buying it, literally!!.
And also, by calling people who express their likeness for the Confederacy "TRASH." you show how much you don't want them expressing their First Amendment rights.
It’s painful to watch otherwise intelligent people lend support to something that’ s so obviously bad!
Do these people understand how stupid and preposterous they sound?