Friday, April 17, 2015

The Bizarre Escapades, the Lies, and the Scandals, in the Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton

Let us count the way.............................  if I have enough space.
The e-mail servers,  the Benghazi cover-up and lies,the staged photo ops and publicity stunts with fake voters trying to portray her as a "champion of the American people," the "Scooby Machine," stiffing tips to the employees of a Chipotle (as a result, you 99 precentors can stuff your hypocritical class warfare arguments), parking in the handicap parking zone at Council Bluffs Cafe in Iowa, pulling her own Brian Williams by claiming to Have Arrived under Sniper Fire in Bosnia, and the litany goes on and on. Oh and lets not leave out that the Clinton Foundation took money and continues to take money from countries who abuse and brutalize women, such as Saudi Arabia (recall her speech in 1995 about women's rights, and as another result, those of you who call yourselves liberal feminists can swiftly shove your highly hypocritical arguments) and finally, lying about the immigrant roots of her grandparents.

As for the e-mails, she claimed that the e-mails were to "Her Hubby", there just one little problem…(Bill Clinton “her Hubby) said that he doesn’t use email.
Well, let's just put it another, more succinct way. Hillary Clinton's campaign (so far) is pathetic, not to mention she isn't quite the classy character herself. Her behavior during the last 7 years, and the first week of her campaign makes Obama and his campaigns look honest in comparison.

But let's stop for a moment and focus on one singular event. The reaction of the media, and why it shows just how badly they want her floundering campaign to succeed, and amid her conscious attempts to avoid them. The media's reaction is sad to behold, and makes a mockery of the journalistic establishment. But to me, it shows just how sorry and desperate Hillary's campaign has become.

And the newest Bizarre Escapade in Hillary’s life is Hillary's motorcade (Scooby Van and all) arrives at a campaign event in Iowa Tuesday, the media completely loses it. Think of the girls swooning over Elvis, or the Beatles, a hot jock--or Justin Bieber. Now, watch as these reporters frenetically try to catch a glimpse of her motorcade as it arrives. If you didn't believe the liberal media was biased before, the video below should assuage all of those doubts.
She claims to fight for living wage, and as a multimillionaire stiffs tips for employees at a Chipotle, lies like Brian Williams, stages photo-ops with three "ordinary Americans" driven to the Cafe by her political director, and claims to be for women's rights, yet takes in money from countries who persecute them. Why, in any reality would you vote for her? Does she come over as trustworthy to you?

So please Mr. and Mrs. Liberal, please tell me honestly, because I’m still very  befuddled, why would you vote for this women?