Saturday, February 7, 2015

In regards to Obama's comments at the National Prayer Breakfast

I'll cut to the chase. In a classic attempt at moral relativism, Obama made a comment that as ISIS commits atrocities in the name of Allah today, the Crusaders/Inquisition did the same in the name of Christ..

Even if you counted each direct or indirect death as a result of the inquisition, it would still not come even close to the Muslim genocides. You Liberal’s will  have to do better than that...Condemn what Islam is doing today in the name of Allah.
At least be that honest

Seriously, though, it doesn't take a genius (or a liberal) to understand how murderous Islam can be. And as I just pointed out, Christianity by far has been far less genocidal than Islam over the centuries. Obama got his history all wrong. he’s absolutely pathetic.

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