Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day!

Today  we are celebrating "Independence Day"  while living in a radical tyrannical left-wing Police State...
We lost most of our independence when certain events transpired on the morning of January 20, 1989 ..
We lost most of our independence when politician’s lying became a virtue... when the principle of free expression was given up for profit and viewed as virtue… when attacking and degrading our fellow citizens' beliefs became a virtue… when taking possessions from somebody by force and give it somebody else for votes at the ballot box became a virtue!!
And to make things even worse, the sadder thing still, is that people like these moronic, hypocritical, lying, backstabbing, progressives keep voting for it...
We aren't even free to eat the foods that we want to, or to buy the light bulbs we prefer. We have a unelected person ( Michele Obama) telling us how and what our children should eat and mandating it. Only a fool believes we are still a free country.
As if it weren’t bad enough with Obama, but now these Liberals, progressives, Commies lunatis are choosing between a Lying, Crook like Hillary or a Socialist like Bernie Sanders for president!
Anyone who believes we are as free as we should be before is either of a very low IQ or simply cannot grasp what these three words mean; Freedom, Liberty, Rights.
We used to be able to order just about everything from a national catalog - even handguns, rifles and shotguns. We used to be able to eat whatever we wanted, talk about politicians in their presence. We used to be able to get a book at the library that taught you how to do whatever you chose to do. We used to be able to ride a motorcycle without a helmet or drive a car without seatbelts. Kids used to be able to sell cookies and lemonade from a sidewalk stand, bring a toy soldier or a toy gun to school.. We used to be able to get on a plane without taking off my shores or being strip searched. We used to be able to drive anywhere in the USA without being stopped by the border patrol. We used to be able to go to a movie theater and not have to worry about getting killed, or go to a ball game without being searched. Or to 75W bulbs at a hardware store. On this Independence Day we can’t smoke a cigarette in a public place, or at a bar without being stopped by the police, and being fined..
On this Independence Day, we can’t say what we think like Donald Trump did without being stripped of our business’s, or being vilified by the media and every one in sight, Or to speak on our OWN telephone in our OWN home without having the politicians take our OWN Basketball team away from us. Perpetuated by Democrats.

And the use of a Sophisticated High Tech Weapon used by the military to save the lives of our own troops is either not allowed or questionable! Then tell me, why are we spending so much money on these Weapons when we refuse to use them?

Happy Independence Day!

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