Sunday, January 5, 2014

An Interesting Observation

After reading the “progressives” blog, I find that the very people SCREAMING tolerance are so Intolerant, but then again, you can't excuse stupidity.

It's funny how people are more interested in unity and acceptance than truth.
These Libs or Progressives or Socialists as I prefer to call them, are only tolerant as long as you agree with them. Please! Do whatever the heck you want with your life, but don't try to force me to accept it.

The Nazis were unified as these folks are, but they were unified to do evil. Furthermore, while we should accept people when it means that we have to accept or agree with their lifestyles. Do I accept drug dealers as people for whom Jesus Christ died,? But I definitely DO NOT accept the fact that they are destroying communities all across America.
Now we get to Robertson, Paul Robertson DID NOT say anything more about homosexuals than the Bible said, so if you have a problem let it not be with Robertson, but take it up with God.
For in all honesty, that is Who all these people are mad at. They are mad at God because His Word says that mankind lying with mankind as with womankind (homosexuality) is a SIN just like adultery, murder, etc. Don't get mad at the man who simply carried the message-on that issue--but get mad at the God who sent the message in the first place. Sadly, I get the sneaky suspicion that if some of these people could take God down off His throne, they would accuse Him of hate speech too.
Why is this so hard for these people to understand

I truly support and hold highly the statements of Paul Robertson. Why must we remain quiet and tolerant of homosexuals, while they are actively flaunting their lifestyles in our faces. Why do these progressives get so Pissed off when we want to respect Paul Robertson’s right to speak his mind. “FREE SPEECH” When a man speaks out against anything he believes in he has the right to do so, he is a Godly man and that is his right. If you were expecting anything less then you shouldn't have asked the question. He is true to God and his family and that I respect him for.

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