Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The State of Our Union? 2014

I just can't tell anymore. Our Union seems to be slowly drifting away down hill towards certain oblivion. I then hear those saying that it's best times are to come. I've come to the conclusion that the state of our union has stagnated. The gridlock in Washington has brought the rest of America to a standstill. Five years ago we had a man promising to bring change to America, hope as well. I've looked all over, far and wide for this hope and change; but yet, I see that the union still remains hopeless and changeless and more divided.
This leftist President will claim the state of the union as being strong, but even he knows that’s a lie.

The same petulant liars, cheats, fraudsters and crooks  are being elected to office every two to four years. and as in today’s case eight years.  The same promises and lies are being told.  The utopian promises are made but never kept. This stagnation has breached the hearts and minds of the average American citizen. The State of our Union is divided...fractured. Dishonesty and propaganda prevail. Truth, and those who tell it, are despised. Americans no longer see each other as compatriots, but as enemies. The same things that many presidents (including this one) have promised to stop, still rage on in this Union to this very day.

I have yet to ascertain the state of this union. For something to have a state, it needs to have a noticeable direction. One can say "well, America is regressing." No it isn't. This type of regression has reached it's end result. The bickering, infighting, lying, cheating and political scandals are now the norm. But then one could say, "well, America is progressing." No, it isn't. When Presidents and politicians are willing to violate our constitutional rights, it serves to sate the status quo of our final regression. When parties refuse to work with one another, the same is also true.

What actually is the State of Our Union? Right now, it appears to be ensnared in the hands of those who would rather it stay the way it is. America is stuck in a limbo that only the people can pull it out of. What will be the state of our union in the future? For there to be a state (as I said before) there needs to be direction. If our elected officials can't take this country where it needs to go, then the state of our union will never change. It will remain forever hostile and unchanging. If the people learn to think for themselves and reach for the truth, the state of our union would be something to look forward to. I'm hoping that one day it will be.
What is the state of the union? Simple a sad state of affairs, with a leader who hasn’t any clue as how to run this country. .
What IS the state of our union? That's up to you, America

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  1. Look to the most strident extreme partisans on the right. Then look to the most strident extreme partisans on the left.

    Understand their driving ideologies and motive force.

    Then look to understand the realities that actually made the USA a good and even great nation.

    Enjoy the journey. It one that requires a person to see past old paradigms and start thinking outside the box.